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When you purchase one of my racks you really are dealing with me and not a large faceless factory. Each and every one of my racks is made by me, for you, in my workshop. So please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about your rack.

Custom work is always welcome too, so if you need extra space within the rack for more Cyrus Audio equipment or, perhaps, other makers components or you require a custom finish or different timber then please just ask.

There is detail everywhere you look at these and they take many hours to make but I think the effort is worth it to produce something different from the normal. Owning something that is pleasing to look at in its own right is always an investment worth making.

How to buy

To purchase a stand simply select the stand you want, click the "add to cart" button and, on the next page, click on the finish you require - prices are shown under each. You will then be taken to PayPal to make payment. If you want to purchase more than one item, great! Just click on the "continue shopping" link on the PayPal page to return to my site.


As with all the products I make I also take great care of my goods while shipping them. I now send goods out in custom made plywood crates this removes virtually all risk of damage often associated with cardboard boxes.

Shipping in Mainland UK is FREE!

Worldwide shipping is also provided for all my customers aboard but this will carry a shipping charge, price dependant on destination, please contact me for a quote.


The Atom is my new rack for Cyrus Audio equipment. This is a one-piece solid unit which offers maximum stability for 5 pieces, not only that but each piece of equipment is also decoupled from the rack by means of special silicon inserts housed in the rack itself. In addition to this there are also adjustable metal spiked feet giving your rack a double layer of isolation.

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Atom XL

This is the big brother to the Atom, using exactly the same construction and isolation methods but able to house 10 pieces of Cyrus equipment in the perfect home.

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These are my new speaker stands and the perfect partner to the Atom range. I have taken a great deal of care and attention with the design of these to work well alone or as a perfect match with the Atom racks. I wanted to design and make something that not only worked very well but that also looked elegant and unlike almost any other speaker stand out there.

These stands are available either as a pair or, if you require and additional stand to mount a Cyrus One unit for example I can supply a set of three as a package. Please click on the appropriate button on the right.

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